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Stevie has delivered thousands of confidential Tarot card readings by phone & online since 2011. You can be sure that he is trusted and accurate, and because he's been on his spiritual journey since a very early age. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, so if it's not the very best Tarot card reading by phone or online you've ever had, it's FREE!
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Life is full of decisions-some big; others small. Wouldn't it be great to know the outcome of each decision you have to make? Even better, wouldn't it be great to know all of your options and their potential outcomes before you make a major life decision? Stevie is a talented reader and ensures that all of his clients have  a clear understanding of the energies and he help making some big life path resolutions. Stevie can help you too!
Educator, Motivational Speaker, Spiritual Life Coach, Tarot Reader

I am a spiritual life coach/ motivational speaker. I am an active energy reader who uses divination tools to help my clients reach their highest potential. Many times, you want to evaluate your options, or you are in need of direction for the future. Whether you’re reconsidering your career choices, your love life, in need of guided meditation, or in need of healing, I can help you! Welcome to Stevie's Oracle World.

I have always been a spiritual person. I believe the universe has a way of guiding us through our lives with the help of guides and angels. I am blessed to be able to connect with the outside world and have the opportunity to connect my clients with their universal clients. My focus is to bring forth awareness and healing through love, and how to help each one of us open to their potential.
How Do I Work With Tarot Cards ?
The Tarot is the perfect tool for deepening inner awareness, to communicate with your soul, to re-think and to review your past. The past can reveal the roots that we planted and what we need to continue to nourish and or discard. A Tarot Reading is a snapshot of the present moment, the energies of the past, present, and possible future. The concept of Free Will is present thus the cards may not tell you what you should do or not do, or what will specifically happen in the future. It’s calm of possibilities and the present and the future depend on the path you take. 
The cards can show us patterns, understanding where we are at or the basis of our feelings and so reading is meant to guide us and the rest is up to what action or non-action we will take. Free will offers us the right to choose whatever direction we wish to take on this path of life. However, there are some fate/destiny energies at play as well and the outcome often depends on your reactions to the scenarios or storyline that the Tarot cards will reveal. My readings are based on channeling energy and using the Tarot cards as divination to give you an insight into your journey.
How Does Stevie's Oracle Readings Work Through Mobile and Online?
I have been conducting Tarot Readings via mobile and online since 2011 and my technique is simple and effortless for my clients. What's my technique?I use my Client’s name and date of birth to connect with their energy and spiritual guides. I only connect when I'm allow to do so with their consent.  The Question/s that I get from them focuses my and the Tarot readings and allows me to direct the energy to the area of my Client’s life that needs the Tarot light on it. I also ask for some additional information to give context, their perspective and energy for the reading. As I have mentioned before. If you ask vague questions you are going to get vague answers.
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​​​​​​​"Stevie is great! He takes his time and really listens to all you have to say. Be warned, he doesn't sugar coat anything and tells you how it is but that just means he is being honest. His readings brought a lot of clarity and insight to my life path and character. I will definitely be getting future readings with him. Thank you Stevie for your amazing gift! If you go to him, you will not be disappointed."
- Juana M.
"Very kind and patient reader. Talented as well. He makes sure you are comfortable and helps guide you through your problems . He's eager to explain if you have any questions. Overall I had a great experience. I would recommend him to anyone."
- Sophia D.
"Stevie is fantastic. He hit everything SPOT on, and reached out to two people I was NOT expecting, but definitely got some closure from, plus some unexpected information and closure. I'm thrilled that I connected with him and am so thankful for his light."
-Rose C.
"I have only recently started getting readings from Stevie. My first impression is that he genuinely cares for the client. So many are only in it for the profit, but it is different with Stevie. He is a friendly, compassionate, and knowledgeable oracle reader."
- Susan M.
"When they say The Universe makes no is the Absolute TRUTH!!! I'm so Grateful that I was led to such a Caring & Authentic person. With just 2 readings and 1 phone call, Steven has given me so much clarification & insight into not only my current circumstances, but my Life as a whole by telling me exactly what I needed to hear."
-Andrea G.
"I have had 2 readings from Stevie so far, and ready for more! His energy is amazing, he is very knowledgeable in his practice! Sending nothing but peace and love his way!!"
- Shay L.
"No doubt, a gifted man. So I been a client for almost a year. Steven is truly a Godsend. His energy to his words, comes together in a message for only you to understand. It's no slide of hand here. It's a gift being shared by a wonderful human being bottom line. I have done 2 package deals myself, I really like the readings, those are when I feel vulnerable but it's what I FEEL I get the most out of by far and I know i'm in good hands."
Jamie C.
"You knew things that I never told anyone!!! Things I needed to know and you were the only one who could give me those messages and then some I wasn’t expecting but still got more relief from!! You also made me feel I wasn’t crazy for everything I was seeing and hearing as well! Now I know what I’m capable of and learning more of what I’m capable of! All because of you!! Your teaching to grow and heal is amazing!! I’m always grateful for you!"
-Bethanne C.
"Stevie has a very extensive knowledge base of Tarot, but even more importantly, way of connecting that was deeply personal. Highly recommend!"
- Vicky
"This experience was AWESOME!! Stevie’s c is so organized and well thought out. He explained everything so thoroughly. He had a great way of condensing the information and making it fun to learn. I felt like he was very easy to connect with. I will definitely be booking this again!"
"Amazing! Steven is very knowledgeable about his craft and patient with his clients. He's also very personable and was very flexible with changes in location."
- Megan​​​​​​​
"Very helpful.  I was in confusion. Stevie breaking down the deck and meaning helped me understand the message. I’m so grateful THANK YOU!!!"
- Zantrell R
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