Stevie offers a variety of affordable coaching and transformative training services to assist you on your spiritual journey.

Feeling Anxious? Having a hard time making a difficult decision in your life?

1 : 1 Spiritual Coaching (Package A)

These individualized  spiritual coaching sessions will delve into your personal connection with your soul. These sessions are designed to help you access where you are on your spiritual journey, as well as to provide you with the life tools to find your life purpose. This will be a 45 minute transformation coaching session with Stevie to help clients to finding their inner balance, harmony, and peace to wholeness.

3 (1- Hour) Coaching Sessions$100
Be You, Be Happy, Be FREE Spiritual
Online Course Bundle


These Talk To Stevie sessions is a 45 minute confidential and non-judgmental talk session to speak any of your grievances. Stevie will provide you will a safe space to vent your frustrations about anything that is troubling your life.

Talk To Stevie Session (45 Minute)$40

Trainings & Retreats (Package C)

We offer a wide variety of affordable & transformative trainings to corporate clients, parties, small business, and small groups.

Contact us now to host your next event:

Trainings Request A Free Consultation
Retreats Request A Free Consultation

When they say The Universe makes no is the Absolute TRUTH!!! I’m so Grateful that I was led to such a Caring & Authentic person. Steven has given me so much clarification & insight into not only my current circumstances, but my Life as a whole by telling me exactly what I needed to hear. Combine that with his Tarot Course, Podcasts, YouTube videos and all the other valuable knowledge he offers, and you can’t help but feel propelled to step into empowerment. Thank You Steven for being a great Teacher & Healer and for sharing your gifts with the world.

— Andrea Griffith

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